Choosing a Cesspool Service During a Freezing Winter

Did you just call cesspool service in the middle of this freezing Long Island weather? That is the stuff nightmares are made of! Not only is it cold,, but you can’t release the hounds when you need to! Without you’re having a problem with the septic tank in the middle of winter is just something you need to deal with. Maybe with proper cesspool maintenance, you could’ve avoided this issue.


If you don’t wanna do it yourself, you could ask your neighbors who do they use for cesspool service. It’s not gonna be too hard to find someone on Long Island, it’s just finding someone that’s not going to give you a crappy deal (Ha ha, I made a joke) with your maintenance agreement. But this is something that needs to be done just like trying to find a good mechanic, if that even actually exists. Maybe on someone’s dreams!!

No whether you go with a large or small size pool service company on Long Island really depends on your preference. Now a lot of them will say their family owned and operated. But that operation could just be telling people what to do on a very limited basis. I am not saying those types of companies are bad, But you need to realize that you might be with more bureaucracy then normal. This is not always the case and larger septic service companies, but this has a tendency to happen when you have top-heavy management.

Go with a Long Island septic tank pumping company that you feel comfortable with. After you get your recommendations from your neighbors, just give them a call and asked to speak with the owner. This may not always be possible, so you may have to settle with an operations manager or a field manager.

Either way you will speak with somebody that is involved in day-to-day operations. I personally would like to speak to the owner, but that usually only possible with the smaller mom-and-pop supposed cesspool service companies.

Before you call them, get as much information together about your house and your plumbing. Give them the year the house was built, The gallon size of your cesspool or septic tank and whatever maintenance that you know has been done. They should be able to give you a rough idea what cesspool maintenance will be like. No they may have a fixed rate, so the details may not change the price to match. The only reason at that point for a price swing would be for an undetected problem.