It’s Time for Basement Finishing on Long Island in February

It’s February, and getting basement finishing on Long Island now is truly the best time. So if you’re thinking of a basement remodeling project at all for 2019, open up the checkbook and start searching for contractors!

Basement Finishing on Long Island

So why would I come out and make such a bold statement to get a homeowner to spend anywhere from $15,000-$25,000 on a project involving basement finishing On Long Island?

The reason is that usually January and February are the slow seasons. So many contractors are motivated to give you a good rate. Now a good rate does not mean you’re going to get a basement we done for only $5000. You’ll need to get your labor from Home Depot if you know what I mean :-).

Even with that kind of labor, those guys are a lot smarter than you think! They know how much it costs. And they will not undercut a licensed contractor by that much. Also you need to remember, if you use that type of labor, there is no protection if something goes wrong during the project or if they caused damage to your property.

Anyway, getting back on topic, this is the time for you to get a good deal in hiring a contractor to do basement finishing on Long Island. Now it may not be as good of a deal as you would haven’t gotten in December, but it will be good nonetheless.

If you know anyone that has gotten their basement remodeled, that is a good starting point. But let’s make the assumption that you don’t know anyone who’s gotten their basement renovated or doesn’t remember who did it, there are other options.

They are the shoppers guides, the penny saver’s our place, and other papers you can research. You may find it a little interesting that I mentioned papers. Believe it or not, they are still used for advertising and are a great source to find contractors especially basement finishing contractors on Long Island.

There is the obvious Internet search that you can do. Type in the search box “Long Island basement remodelers”. You can also type “ basement finishing suffer county”. These are just a few examples of some search terms you can do on Google or Bing. Get creative and try creating a few on your own.

After you find between 3 to 5 contractors that do basement finishing on Long Island, give them all a call. Try to be as specific as possible with what you done in your basement. Why out any estimate they give you over the phone will be a rough estimate you still wanted to be close to the real numbers as much as possible.

Don’t forget to ask them about previous projects. It may be better to do this step once they come to your home to make an accurate estimate. Once you get a few estimates, then you can make a decision. But don’t let that decision only be on price. You should be confident that they have your vision. One thing I forgot to mention is to ask what kind of specials do they have at the moment. Or to be more clear, how much money will they save you if you pick them up right now!