Using the Proper Stair Builders on Long Island

Stairs can play a huge role in transforming your home. If you are constructing a house or remodeling your current one, you must consider the type of staircase that will suit your home best. But before you start looking for a company like Stair Builders Long Island, let me take you through the different types of stairs.

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  1. Straight stairs

Any stair contractor on Long Island can confirm that this is the most common type of stairs. You can find them in many residential and commercial buildings. The stairs are cost effective, functional and convenient. However, they take up to much space and fail at creating barriers between different floors. They are also considered as unsafe. If you have small kids, a serious stair company on Long Island would not recommend this type of stairs.

  1. L shaped stair

The L shaped stairs are similar to the straight chair but with a interesting twist. They have a 90 degrees bend at a certain point. A landing is added at the transition point to achieve this. Apart from being more visually appealing, the landing makes them safer than straight stairs. The stairs provide visual barriers between floors thus increasing privacy.

  1. U shaped stairs

U shaped stairs are two sets of parallel flights of stairs. A landing joins the two stairs causing that 180 degrees turn. These stairs are architecturally interesting and can easily fit into any architectural design. The downside is that they are harder to build. But of course, any competent stair company on Long Island will not have a hard time doing it.

  1. Winder

Think of an L shaped stair. Now replace the landing at the transition with triangular steps; you will have Winder stairs. These stairs will take up less space in your home than the other type of stairs. Most stair builders on Long Island will, therefore, prefer to use them as secondary staircases.

  1. Spiral stairs

Stair railings significantly contribute to the look of the stairs. If you are looking for uniqueness, any good company offering stair railing installation on Long Island will recommend spiral stairs because they have many variations on railings styles. Spiral stairs are also compact and are easy to install.

  1. Arched stairs

Arched stairs are the height of elegance. When I was remodeling my home, I was looking for stairs that would create a grand first impression on anyone who came into my house. After consulting with many stair builders on Long Island, I finally settled on arched stairs. I was not disappointed. However, these type of stairs is usually the most difficult to design and construct. My advice; Find a stair contractor on Long Island that is willing to pay attention to the details.

What to consider before hiring a stair contractor on Long Island

  • Codes and regulations

Before picking a stair company on Long Island, ensure that they follow all the industry standards and regulations. It will not only guarantee your safety but will also have an impact on the value of your house.

  • Warranty

Warranty guarantees quality. Make sure to compare what each stair builders on Long Island has to offer concerning coverage before making a decision.

  • Company’s history

Of course, all stair builders on Long Island are not equal. Before picking a company to build your stairs or handle your stair railing installation on Long Island, look at their history. Look for a company that has a good reputation to ensure that they do the job right.

  • Budget

Your budget will dictate the type of staircase design you will pick. Factor in the budget from the beginning; it will narrow down your choices very fast. Price will also influence your choice of company. However, you don’t have to be too stingy with it. Don’t just go for the cheapest stair contractor on Long Island; remember cheap is expensive.

  • Stair railings

Don’t put too much focus on the stairs and forget the railings; apart from safety, they play a huge role in accentuating the look of your stairs. You don’t have to replace your entire stairs during remodeling! Many companies offer stair railing installation on Long Island. Save yourself some money and see how much you can vamp the look by just changing the rails.

  • Materials

There are a variety of materials to choose from, e.g., wood, stone, metal and glass. There are two factors to consider before picking any. First, ensure that the material fits into the overall design of your home. Secondly, ensure that you choose materials that are durable.

Stairs play a huge role in adding value to your home. They can take that modest home of yours and transform it into an expensive one just like that! The company you choose to work with matters a lot. If you want quality, you can just pick any company that happens to deal with stair building or stair railing installation on Long Island. If you want the best, then you need to hire the best.